Saturday, January 23 2021

Division 6 Player Stats

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Player NameTeam NameTonsHats6-89'sWinsTotal
Verban, AlvaroDarts Out For Harambe101205158185
Lukas, MarkHackers87124051154
Gannon, JonThe Life Of Rylie81108034133
Bernier, RossHackers7698035128
Edwards, KenBullshitters69114025109
Wester, (No Hand Shakes) KevinDarts Out For Harambe6385026102
Velez, MarcoBooze Shooters607602598
Forcier, DanThe Life Of Rylie536602590
Leas, RebeccaBullshitters5410302188
Edwards JR, RobBullshitters4610302786
Posa, (SKILZ)RickHackers397601870
Hill, CourtneyBooze Shooters444501669
Fac, StephenHackers384402066
Robillard, Rylie The Life Of Rylie322201248
Balnis, FionaThe Life Of Rylie301401247
McGill, (MR Duke)AlanDarts Out For Harambe340201147
Fortier,(The Dime) DaveDarts Out For Harambe29530946
Timms, BobbyThe Life Of Rylie234401344
Rossignol, GarrettBullshitters19030931
Catalina, JessBooze Shooters19130629
Perugini,(Dart Princess) AutumnBooze Shooters12130622
Pinto,(Not Lizzy)LeslieBooze Shooters11130722
Pronovost, EdwardBullshitters13110318
Cellupica, TonyDarts Out For Harambe6210211
Russell, DanBooze Shooters7020211
Wester, ScottDarts Out For Harambe601029
Fratea, ChrisDarts Out For Harambe510028
Balnis, DanThe Life Of Rylie500005
Gannon, MikeThe Life Of Rylie301015
Perugini,(Dart Queen) NatalieBooze Shooters301004
Gensler, KyleThe Life Of Rylie201003
McDonald, KellyThe Life Of Rylie100012

Bar NameTeam NameW-LGamesWksOwes
Gomers Bar & GrillHackers124-6819216$0
The ScoreboardDarts Out For Harambe110-8219216$0
The Local Public HouseThe Life Of Rylie98-9419216$0
Eastside Bar & GrillBullshitters85-10719216$0
The CaveBooze Shooters62-13019216$0